Biography of HRH Prince Abhakara, the full length edition.

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The biography book, published by His Royal Highness Admiral Prince Abhakara of Chumphon’s Family Foundation, is based on in-depth researches conducted over the course of several years in order to investigate the narratives and writings of the biography in different versions. The research is collated with that of the archives and primary evidence on the life of HRH Prince Abhakara, both in Thailand and in the United Kingdom.

The research and collation are conducted for the purpose of factchecking, filling in the missing parts, rectification, as well as following the footsteps of HRH’s story in the England, in order to “feel and absorb” HRH experience during his study.

In addition, reviews and compilations of the contexts during his time, both in Siamese and global contexts, were made in order to associate his biography with the temporal contexts, interviews with a variety of people, both members of the Abhakara family, naval students, and researchers.

Within the book is a combination of various pictures, HRH’s portraits in particular, primary documentary evidence, documents with his handwritings, and his artworks, all in colour the entire book, including footnotes, references, and the family tree of the Abhakara family.


300 pages, 25.4x25.4 cm. (length x width)

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